Below follows a story based on an experience that illustrated to me the existence of an "intuition",
or connection, to something greater than me, in all of us...

One day, several years ago, while still living in San Diego, I was walking our dog Myrna.
It had been garbage day. There were still many empty garbage cans on the sidewalk.

Cartoon - Walking my dog on a sunny morning.  3kb

As it is our practice, I picked Myrna's poop with a baggy and went on with our walk.

Cartoon - Carrying my poop bag.  2kb

Since there were so many empty garbage cans around, I decided to throw the baggy into one of them.
As I approached one, and started to swing my arm to throw it...

About to throw the bag into garbage can.  3kb

I heard a "voice" or felt a "impulse", from somewhere
deep inside me that said, very gently, almost imperceptibly...

I hear a voice in my head.  2kb

But it was too late. My arm was swinging and I made a hole in one.

Too late... into the can.  2kb

We kept on walking...
A few seconds later I heard a real voice.

Hey you!  2kb

"Get that shit out of my garbage can!
If it stays there all week, it'll smell like hell!"

Big ugly guy looking at me.  2kb

So I had to go back and pick it out of the can and take it with me for
another block and throw it in a commercial dipsy dumpster,
bitching all the way about the unfairness of it all!
How unappreciative the guy was for not recognizing my great sense of civil duty
for picking up the stuff!
I should have left it on the sidewalk!
Maybe he'd have stepped on it! etc., etc., etc.

I walk away on  a tissy.  4kb

However, the guy was right. Even in a baggy, the poop would smell up
the place after a week. I've experienced that in our own can.

Thinking.  3kb

... and I DID hear/feel that little voice that told me not to do it...

I hear the voice.  2kb

Had I been able to heed that "voice",
this whole embarrassing situation would have been avoided.

This is why we need to do more meditation...